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Open World Activities

Open World Marketing Activities

hiEdu FairOpen World Education Group has been working in international education sphere since 1995. We have a great experience of collaboration with foreign schools, language centers, colleges and universities. We use different ways to popularize foreign education and promote foreign education institutions and educational programs: Internet advertising, social nets (Vkontakte.ru, Facebook), holding our own exhibition hiEdu and participation in other specialized education exhibitions in Russia, holding trainings in the office, participation in the public presentations of education institutions, holding contests and conferences, organization of foreign education institutions representatives visits to the Russian schools and universities.

Not so long ago a big role in promotion of foreign educational programs was played by the publicity in paper mass media – newspapers and magazines, letters, catalogues and also emails. Now these marketing tools become less and less efficient as people read the press less and more often find information in the Internet; offices are overwhelmed with envelopes with different catalogues and special offers and email servers mercilessly filter spam and other undesirable emails.

Les Roches Business Education and Career Day Our task as educational consultants is to find together with our partners optimal ways to promote a certain educational product. Language courses and vacations, secondary education abroad, preparation for the universities, Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses, MBA – all these directions in foreign education require an individual approach in advertising which depends on the type of the educational program, marketing budget, target audience, place and time of the marketing arrangements.

In big cities, for example in Moscow or St Petersburg, the public is more exigent because it has a lot of different offers and more convenient access to the information, many educational and travel agencies work in these cities, there are many exhibitions, lectures and master classes of professors of foreign schools and universities. In Russian regions the competition is not so heavy and traditional meetings with representatives of foreign educational institutions, seminars and presentations are of great importance. We develop an individual plan to promote and increase the recruitment of students to certain educational institution basing on our knowledge of the market and long experience.

IED Master ClassAmong our successful marketing events for promotion of foreign education in Russia we can name the following:

  1. The annual exhibition hiEdu – Higher education abroad, University preparation and MBA. It’s held since 2010 and is devoted to Foundation programs, Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs, MBA. It was held in Moscow, Kazan, Krasnodar and Stavropol. Pictures: 2011 HiEdu Fair – Stavropol, Kazan, Moscow, Krasnodar.
  2. Business Education and Career Day in Hospitality – in cooperation with Les Roches, Glion. Pictures: 2011 Business Education and Career Day Moscow.
  3. Lectures and master classes with representatives of  European University (EU), Istituto Europeo di Design (IED). Pictures: 2011 EU Lecture – Dirk Craen, Moscow, 2010 EU Lecture – Sascha Liebhardt, Moscow, 2009 June, IED Master Class – Michael Robinson, Moscow, 2009 December, IED Master Class – Raoul Schumaker, Moscow.
  4. Presentations of the partner educational institutions in hotel conference halls (Les Roches, Glion, IED, EU, Hult International Business School, Stenden University). Pictures: 2010 LR-Glion Presentation Krasnodar, 2008 LR-Glion Presentation Sochi.
  5. Seminars in our office with the participation of representatives of different schools and universities (Study Group, KIC, UEL, NYFA, Glindwr University, RBSM International, Malaca Instituto, CEG, Pass World). Pictures: 2008 NYFA Seminar Moscow, 2005 Euromed-Marseille Seminar Moscow.
  6. Internet contests devoted to certain kinds of foreign education (IED, RBSM International, Les Roches, Glion). Pictures: 2010 Contest – Hospitality is my future, 2006 Artemide Light Design Contest.
  7. Visits of representatives of foreign education institutions to Russian secondary schools to meet the students (IED, Les Roches, Glion, Kendall College, University of Portsmouth, LSI, Glindwr University, EU). Pictures: 2009-2011 School visits Moscow, 2010 School visits Krasnodar.

We wish you a productive work and more students from Russia for your school/ university!