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Alpine Center is the Ferrari of Hospitality & Tourism Management Schools in Greece, at an affordable price!

Alpine Center предлагает высококлассное обучение за приемлемую цену в Греции!

Alpine Center, the Swiss Business School of Hospitality & Tourism Education of City Unity Colleg, now in its 24th year of operation in Greece is the absolute leader in providing hospitality education.

Portfolio of courses offers quality education for everyone: Hospitality and tourism is a vast industry with many different career paths. If you want to manage a hotel, a travel agency, restaurant or a spa, or be an event organizer, or maybe an executive chef, or an airline employee, or an entrepreneur managing your own busines, Alpine's different programmes of study will offer you specialized courses to meet your career objectives. Alpine’s Industry Advisory Board ensures that the programmes of study are relevant and meet the current needs of the industry.

Another important reason for Alpine's outstanding reputation is the admirable employment placement rate of almost 100%. Alpine Center graduates are in leading positions throughout the world; From Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong to Toronto and New York, Stockholm to Dubai, Moscow to Kiev, London to Beirut, Cannes to Amman, Brussels to Kuwait, Wiesbaden to Melbourne, Zurich to Thessaloniki, Miami to Santorini, Crete and Corfu to name a few of the cities and islands were Alpiners are proving their commitment to their profession.

Join Alpine Center and drive your career to a huge and successful destination!