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Education in Germany using the example of SRH Universities and prospects for students

Образование в Германии на примере SRH Universities и перспективы для студентов

SRH Universities are state-accredited private German universities offer undergraduate, graduate, MBA/DBA programs in English and German.

SRH universities have modern campuses in Berlin, Dresden, Hamburg, Leipzig and other German cities. Study groups in SRH are much smaller than in public universities and it is also much easier to enter private universities. To enter the undergraduate program, it is enough to have a certificate after graduating from the 11th grade with good and excellent grades. Undergraduate programs last 6-7 semesters at the university, and masters - 2-4 semesters. It is also possible to study German during study at the university.

Bachelor degree programs:

Business Administration

Hotel Management

Design, Communication & Media

Music & Sound

Health & Psychology

Film & Photography

Technology, Computer Science & UX Design


Master degree programs:



Supply Chain Management


Film & Photography

Computer Science

Germany is one of the most highly developed countries in Europe. Students are eligible to work for 240 days per year with part-time employment of 20 hours per week (or 120 days with employment of 40 hours per week).

Graduates of German universities receive the right to find work in Germany for 18 months. Having received an offer of employment, a foreign graduate can apply for a residence permit in Germany for the entire period of the contract signed with the employer. In three years it will be possible to get Niederlassungserlaubnis (permanent residence permit), and then Bundesbürgschaft (citizenship of Germany).

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