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New Master in International Hotel Management launches next year at Les Roches Marbella!

Les Roches Marbella начинает набор на новую программу магистратуры Master in International Hotel Management!

New  Master in International Hotel Management launches in 2019r at Les Roches Marbella.

New Master in International Hotel Management launches in 2019r at Les Roches Marbella.

The new Master in International Hotel Management at Les Roches Marbella, launching in 2019, is an important investment in the school’s mission to give students the expertise to excel in the hotel management industry.

At a glance – Master in International Hotel Management:

– Nine month program followed by a six month internship
– Fast track to hotel management positions
– One week Dubai field trip
– Launches September 2019
– Intakes September and February of each year

Who is this Master’s degree for?

This program is aimed for students who have a bachelor degree – in any field – who wish to join the thrilling international hotel industry. Students will be exposed to operational management and strategic issues that hotel managers confront today to prepare them with the necessary competences and knowledge to make executive decisions. The academic content of the program comprises hotel and business management theory. Also during the first term of the Master program, there is a high level of content on operational management training in the traditional Swiss ethos, covering all aspects of a luxury hotel operations and facilities

When are the intakes?

The program starts in September 2019 and will have two intakes per year in September and February. The first February intake will be in 2020.

What will I learn?

This program covers both the traditional Swiss ethos of hotel management and the latest strategies in operations, digital marketing, talent and leadership. You will learn business management theory, develop in-depth knowledge of the wider hotel management perspective and have the opportunity to prove your professional skills in a real-world work environment.

By the end of the program you will have the expertise and knowledge to take on leadership roles in the ever-evolving and international hotel industry.

How long does the Master’s program last?

The program runs for 15 months, made up of nine months of studies at Les Roches Marbella and a six-month internship either in Spain or abroad. The academic studies also include a one-week field trip to Dubai where students will visit some of the most iconic and luxurious hotels in the city, with personal tours by the management teams.

Where are the internships?

The Master in International Hotel Management includes six months real-world experience on an internship. Students will be able to choose from roles in top global hotels arranged by Les Roches Marbella’s Career Development Department (totally dedicated to placing students on internships) or can organize their own internship.

What happens on the Dubai field trip?

The aim of the field trip is to help students validate their classroom knowledge and see the theory in practice. There will be visits to 5-Star properties where leaders of prominent restaurants, hotels and resorts will share their insight and experience. This real-world advice will help students understand what it takes to become a successful General Manager in today’s luxury hotel sector.

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