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Russian students still have a chance to start studying in the USA from 2019 and get scholarships!

У российских студентов еще есть шанс начать учебу в США с осени 2019 и получить стипендии!

Oregon State University is still accepting applications for higher education and master's degree programs before August 26.

Oregon State University is a Tier 1 category research institute of the Carnegie Foundation's "highest level of research." The university is ranked in 1% of leading global universities in the Center for World University Rankings 2018. Bachelor programs in engineering and business are ranked in the Top 100 by country (U.S. News & World Report 2018).

At the university, the autumn school semester begins on September 18, so Russian students still have a chance to apply to the university before August 26 and quietly get a student visa!

In addition, students have the opportunity to receive good scholarships from Oregon State University for Pathways preparatory programs.

The Underground Pathway is equivalent to the first year of the university (after its completion students are transferred to the 2nd year). Graduate Pathway is a preparatory program for enrollment for a 2-year master's degree.

Scholarships up to 9000 USD for Undergraduate Pathways:

  • International Year One in Engineering
  • International Year One in Business
  • International Year One in Psychology
  • International Year One in Women and Gender Studies
  • International Year One in Environmental Economics and Policy
  • International Year One in Computer Science
  • International Year One in Design, Apparel and Merchandising Management
  • International Year One in General
  • International Year One in Mathematics
  • International Year One in Exercise and Sport Science
  • International Year One in Science
  • International Year One in Natural Resources and Renewable Materials
  • International Year One in Forestry
  • International Year One in Food Science and Technology
  • International Year One in Public Policy


Scholarships up to 7500 USD for Graduate Pathways:

  • Graduate Pathway in Health Promotion and Health Behavior
  • Graduate Pathway in Mathematics
  • Graduate Pathway in Environmental Sciences
  • Graduate Pathway in Organic Chemistry
  • Graduate Pathway in Computer Science
  • Graduate Pathway in Global Health
  • Graduate Pathway in Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Graduate Pathway in Chemical Engineering
  • Graduate Pathway in Materials Chemistry
  • Graduate Pathway in Civil Engineering
  • Graduate Pathway in Comparative Health Science
  • Graduate Pathway in Environmental Engineering
  • Graduate Pathway in Applied Economics
  • Graduate Pathway in Biostatistics
  • Graduate Pathway in M.S. Business
  • Graduate Pathway in Bioengineering
  • Graduate Pathway in Industrial Engineering
  • Graduate Pathway in Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Graduate Pathway in Mechanical Engineering


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