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Important changes in the UK visa system

Важные изменения в визовой системе Великобритании

New Visa rules enter into force for people wishing to visit the UK for tourism, education and other purposes. ⠀

Free movement between the United Kingdom and the European Union will end on 31 December 2020 from 23.00 GMT. In this connection, numerous changes in the British immigration system are being made; it is based on the points-based immigration system.

From October 5, 2020 Student Visa for applicants aged 16+ (Student route) and Child Student Visa for applicants aged 4-17 (Child Student route) replace the previous Tier 4 visas. New requirements are 70 points (for both types of visas).

Student route points:

Points type

Relevant requirements to be met

Number of points


Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies requirement,
Course requirement,
Approved Qualification requirement,
Level of Study requirement,
Place of Study requirement



Financial requirement


English language

English language requirement


Child Student route points:

Points type

Relevant requirements to be met

Number of points


Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies requirement,
Course requirement,
Study at an independent school,
Aged between 4 and 17 when applying,
Parental consent



Financial requirement (including any additional funds for care arrangements)


  • CAS (Proof of Enrollment) will be issued by institutions 6 months before the start date (for students applying for a visa outside the UK) and 3 months (for students applying for a visa in the UK). Accordingly, students can apply for student visas 6 and 3 months before the start of the study programme.
  • Students can only apply for a visa in their country of residence. Exception: Student can apply for visa in another country if the visa application centre (VAC) in the country of residence is closed.
  • From December 1, 2020, the requirements for the financial support of students have been increased. To obtain a Student Visa you need to demonstrate the availability of financial funds at the rate of 1334 GBP per month (for living and studying in London) and 1023 GBP (for living and studying outside London). Funding requirements are the same: the amount in the account should be calculated for at least 9 months of stay.
  • Students of short-term courses are now allowed to study for up to six months on a general Visitor visa - Visit route. These courses can only be held in accredited educational institutions. Non-qualification courses for leisure and entertainment should not last more than 30 days, but can be held in non-accredited schools.
  • People going to the UK to study English for 6 to 11 months should use English Language Study route (the option of a short-term visa).
  • Bank statements from the online bank are accepted for consideration without obligatory seal of the bank.
  • From the summer of 2021, the UK plans to introduce a Graduate route. Students who have received a bachelor's or master's degree can stay in the UK for 2 years, graduates of the PhD program - 3 years.

How much do British visas cost? *


Student Visa costs from outside the UK

Student Visa costs from within the UK

Student Visa (and Dependant)

GBP 348

GBP 475

English Language Study Visa (11 month)

GBP 186



Visitor Visa (6 month)

GBP 95


Priority Visa Service – decision within 5 working days

+ GBP 220

+ GBP 500

Super Priority Visa Service - decision next business day

+ GBP 956

+ GBP 800

* Check the cost of visas and various surcharges on the British VAC website.

As before, a full-stay visa is issued for courses less than 6 months. When student applying for a visa for a course over 6 months, a visa sticker is made in the passport for a period of 30 days, which allows entry to the UK, and within 10 days of arrival, the student must receive a BRP residence card at the educational institution or post office.

Please remember: for visas longer than 6 months you also need to pay an Immigration Health Surcharge of GBP 470 per year. If you plan to renew your study visa in the UK, then this surcharge is made regardless of your duration of study.

Immigration Health Surcharge payment information:


Information about the new British points-based immigration system:


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