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Leading US universities provide scholarships to talented students from Russia!

Offer date closed  30 April 2023

Ведущие университеты США предоставляют стипендии талантливым студентам из России и стран СНГ на программы бакалавриата и магистратуры!

Open World gives the chance to the Russian students to apply to world class leading universities in the USA!

You can get a scholarship up to 100% of the tuition cost!

The main difference of the Open World programs is more personalized approach, safety and guardianship that students who have only graduated from school and have left far from the family as it is possible easier have endured the period of cultural and social adaptation and became full students of the American university, but also at the same time have shown high academic progress.

American education prepares a student not only for the future profession, but also for life in general!

Open World Education Group is an official representative of an American Universities in Russia.

For more information about admissions and requirements please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone (495) 228-0300 or by email