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KAPLAN offers the free air ticket to the USA and the special English language courses in America!

Offer date closed  01 August 2017

KAPLAN – бесплатный авиабилет в США и специальное предложение по курсам английского языка в Америке!

KAPLAN International English offers a special action of "Best of America" at the schools of English located in Boston (Harvard Square), New York (Empire State), Miami and Santa Barbara.

KAPLAN International English is international educational company which more than 75 years provides English language courses for international students. Students study at more than 50 KAPLAN International English schools, located in 7 English-speaking countries now!

When you booking a long course of English lasting 32 weeks (start date and end of training: On September 18, 2017 - on May 18, 2018 respectively) at the specified schools, KAPLAN compensates 1000 USD for the acquired air ticket, and the cost of training will make only 11500 USD for all term of training!

Special price include:

- course of the general English (20 lessons a week)

- course American Studies (8 lessons a week)

- access to on-line KAPLAN learning resources

Minimum age of pupils: 16 years.

Accommodation is paid for standard quotations of schools.

Applications deadline: August 01, 2017.

Open World Education Group is an official representative of KAPLAN International English in Russia.