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Open World Education Group continues to accept bookings for vacation programs abroad for schoolchildren for August 2018 and Autumn!

Продолжается прием заявок на детские программы за рубежом на лето и осень 2018!

Do not miss your chance to spend your vacation abroad! There are program options until September and year-round.

Some of the available year-round options include:

  • UK. Newbury Hall school of OISE network offers intensive residential English language vacation program in Newbury for 13-17 year olds year-round.
  • Germany. Humboldt-Institut offers quality German language residential vacation programs for 10-17 year olds in Lindenberg and Bad Schussenried (Bavaria) year-round.
  • Malta. European School of English (ESE) offers English language vacation programs based at Salini Resort 4* for 13-17 year olds not only in summer but also during period 29.09 - 04.11.2018. 

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